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Real Time Pain Relief will forever change the way you view Home Business

RTPR has developed a vendor program with a unique Business System and Financial Plan
that gives you the opportunity to control your own destiny.  Whether you’re looking to:

  • Earn an extra $300-$1,000 each month to supplement your current income or retirement or…
  • Find a way to replace your current Full-Time Income with a more rewarding way to make a living or…
  • Build a Financial Legacy for you and your family…

"The RTPR Vendor program is structured so that you can design and control your future.  This truly means you can move at your own pace and custom design your financial plan and business so that it fits your specific needs and goals.  The RTPR Vendor Program has:

  • No Initiation Fee
  • No Autoship
  • No Monthly Requirements to remain in the program

Designed to be... YOUR Program, YOUR Financial Plan and YOUR Destiny.  With our System, you have complete control!

The Business System

The Product... Since 1998 we have been making “Pain Relief You Can Trust.” We are committed to using the highest quality natural ingredients available.
  • It’s SAFE - All Real Time Products are Paraben, SLS and Colorant Free
  • It’s EFFECTIVE - We only use Time-Tested and Proven Ingredients
  • It’s FAST ACTING - Real Time Pain Relief Works in Minutes

All of our Pain Relief Products are FDA REGISTERED and meet all of the FDA requirements.

Our Sample-to-Sell Approach...

We are a Vendor Program built around our Sample-to-Sell model.  When customers try our “Safe, Effective, Fast-Acting Pain Relief” that “Smells Great”, they buy it…it’s that simple!  When people feel relief from their pain, there is no need for you to twist their arm to buy, it literally sells itself! Whether this is done by our Vendors at Events in their Local Markets, or by doing In-Store Sampling at Local Merchants across the nation, this model has be been proven successful time and time again!!!

We Help People ...

In 2011, The Institute of Medicine reported that 1 out of 3 Americans suffer from chronic or acute pain.  With Real Time PAIN RELIEF you can help countless people experience true relief in just minutes without dangerous side-effects.  Not only does the Real Time Business System work, it will help you achieve your financial goals while also allowing you to “Do Well By Doing Good” as you help people in pain take back control of their lives!

The Financial Plan

TWO AMAZING Opportunities for you to earn Active Income...or blend the two, creating a perfectly balanced approach to your business!
  • The Event Vendor Program -
    At its core, this is the easiest and most basic of all traditional business principles: “Buy at Wholesale, Sell at Retail and Keep the Profits.”

    The Event Vendor Program is based on Event Marketing. Vendors buying at a traditional true wholesale price, giving them a 100% Mark-up on the product they sell. This outstanding profit margin ensures our Vendors a great profit at local events. We have thousands of vendors who earn $200-$5,000 a month in Active Income, just selling Real Time Products at flea markets, farmers markets, festivals, fairs and other events in their local area. 

    100’s of events produce sales over $10,000 and have even reached over $20,000 at a single event!!!

    Most RTPR Vendors make hundreds of dollars their very first month using our Sample-to-Sell approach to share Real Time Pain Relief with others. With our proven system, many RTPR Vendors earn thousands of dollars per month vending Real Time Pain Relief in their LOCAL area... and you can too!

  • The Account Manager Program
    This amazing part of our program is totally redefining the way products will be sold in Retail Stores. We have taken our successful Sample-to-Sell approach and incorporated into In-Store Sampling events at local Merchants across the nation and rewarding our Vendors in the process. You can earn $10-25 per hour per hour sampling Real Time Products in local stores and you control your own schedule and build your income at your own pace. This all happens by building a mutually beneficial relationship with Merchants in your Local Area to create a strong foundation for your business as the stores generate huge sales volume for you when they sell to their customers!
If you have seen our system in action and heard enough, then you are ready to get started!  We have a team of Business Coaches ready to help you experience the success you are looking for and even take the system to the next level and leverage it into even more financial reward.  Each Business Coach has created their own thriving RTPR business and are ready to help you do the same!

Click Here to Get Started Today!

If you need more information, then we invite you to listen in on our Totally Free Business Seminar so you may hear more about our amazing Business System! We host these Business Seminars each Tuesday Evening, Click Here to view the next business Seminar that you can attend.

Would you like to take your business to the next level? With our Leveraged Wholesale Marketing model, you most certainly can...

How about some Passive Income...

“Income received by you, ON A REGULAR BASIS that requires minimal effort on your part to keep it coming.”

  • Receive 20% of each purchase made by a Retail Customer you refer the Website or Online Marketing System that we provide you for FREE.
  • Receive 5% of every wholesale purchase made by Retail Stores you refer as they sell Real Time Pain Relief to their customers.
  • Receive Overrides from the sales volume of your Team doing the same activities.
  • Receive Monthly Reoccurring Referral Bonuses on the Wholesale Volume of your Team.
  • Receive Monthly Override Bonuses for every sale of Real Time Pain Relief sold in you State, your Region and across the National as you achieve the Full Director Levels.
  • Receive a Car Allowance Bonus when you achieve Full Regional or Higher.
  • Receive a Global Business Bonus (GBP) and qualify for TEAM RTPR in as little as 90 days from the day you start your Vendor Business. This program allows you to receive a percentage, based on your participation, of a pool funded by sales from our Health Care Professional Division, our Vendor Division, our Online Retail Division, our International Division, our Merchant Division and our US Territorial Division.

How about earning an Equity Stake in the Company...

Once our vendors achieve a few time-tested and proven strategies for success, we place them in the Winners' Circle which allows them to qualify for the RTPR Equity Builder Program.  Every vendor can become a Vendor-Owner and accumulate stock in RTPR through this program.  Most vendors qualify within 6-9 months.  But we guarantee you will qualify in 14 months, if you participate in the programs we offer.

Literally Control Your Own Destiny...RTPR established the Equity Builder Program to provide a pathway for a Vendor to literally OWN part of the company!

This program:

  • GUARANTEES that every vendor has an equal opportunity to become a Vendor-Owner!
  • PROVIDES A WAY for vendors to create valuable equity while doing the normal activities that are required to run any successful business i.e., there is no extraneous activity required to become a Vendor-Owner!
  • MAKES THE OPPORTUNITY to become a Vendor-Owner achievable for any vendor and assures that each Vendor controls his or her own destiny!
We have successful Business Coaches ready to walk with you through every step of the way to building a highly successful Real Time Pain Relief Business!!!